Monthly Archives: September 2011

My love affair with lists

  • I am a listaholic
  • I write lists within lists
  • I date my lists
  • I have lists on my computer
  • I keep lists in journals and notepads around the house

I love lists because they make me feel organized and in-control. Primarily I write lists about the things and stuff I need to do. I even have a list of things to ponder. I’ve tried to stop writing lists, after I’ve written it in a list. For example number one on my “To Ponder” list was “stop writing lists”.

Number two on the list was “travel”. And since I am going to travel I can now add the feeling of accomplishment to the list of things I love about lists. Organized, in-control, and accomplished!

Bullets are something I think about. I consider whether the list should be numbered or have dashes or dots. I tend not to use numbers unless I want to prioritize things. But generally I don’t like to feel any pressure from my lists. Sometimes I put brackets around the dashes, just to change things up a little bit. And sometimes I leave items floating without any demarkation.

Not very often, but on occasion, the list requires a diagram. I’ve also been know to sketch a little and even use color when necessary. Now, if you will excuse me, I must get back to my lists.

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