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Braiding Around

Hairbraids are great.

I didn’t start out loving them. With thick curly hair at the age of 12, my mother took to French braiding my hair. Which, to her credit, was a brilliant way to tame wild hair. The flip-side was that now everyone knew my mom did my hair! I could never wrap my arms around my head and twist and tie my hair into a beautiful french braid.

In my thirties now, I’ve taken a new look at hairbraids. Sienna Miller pulled them off beautifully with a certain “swedish princess” look. When I (tried) to pull off this style, my boyfriend said to me, “Are you going out like that?”. Hmmm…

For a more wearable look, I look to none other than Nicole Richie. Not a fan of her work (what does she do anyway?), and not always a fan of her fashion, her style is always unique. And her braids kick-ass.

How Big is Too Big?

I’m talking weddings here, people. Please folks..

What is considered a big wedding by normal social standards?

According to Yahoo Answers the consensus seems to be the guest count. A high guest count begets big everything. Bigger reception hall, bigger cake, more food, etc.. Fair enough. But then how many guests make for a big wedding? One hundred people? Three hundred? Five?

Further research seems to reveal that big weddings are defined by their cost. Big wedding = big cost. But if this is so, what is the value of a “big cost” wedding? According to a New York Times article (April 3, 2010) the average American wedding is $28,000. Another source claims $20,000 as the average wedding budget.

Costs and guests aside, allow me to throw out a theory here..

As with all things concerning a wedding, it is subjective. A big wedding, an expensive wedding, whatever it is; it means something different to everyone. Just as people’s tastes differ, as do their ideas of what makes a big wedding versus a small wedding, and expensive versus cheap. It’s all relative to the persons’ experiences, their preferences, and above all, their tastes.

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