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My Crush on David Grohl

It all started with Nirvana and my love for drummers.

I have always been drawn to drummers. The elusive and crazed member of the band (think Animal from The Muppet Show) and always incredibly hot. The drums are a difficult instrument to master and require coordination and focus. Drummers themselves have a mystical quality about them, always sitting in the back in the shadows of the band.

And then, enter one of the most influential rock bands of the 90’s. Dave Grohl, the longest-running drummer for Nirvana, captured me with his grungy style, and his mind-blowing talent for all things musical. A genius at the drums, Grohl can also shed the guitar and proved his mettle as lead singer (…ahem, Foo Fighters. Everlong, acoustic version, melts my heart).

Every girl needs her rock star hero. I’ll take this skinny, tattooed, greasy, musical prodigy any day!

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