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the tribulations of being a (snow)boarder

Alight, so it really took something to get under my skin to revive this blog. The revival of this blog has been a long time coming – and a new, fresh look is also on the way.

But back to my point…

Now that summer is over (admit it people), I’ve begun to allow myself the indulgence of dreaming about the upcoming snowboarding season. So when someone recently told me about a fabulous mountain that does not allow boarders, I lost it.

Here’s why. It’s a pretty loud statement saying “you can’t board here”. Look at any mountain that does allows boarders (and most mountains do), the number of people on a board is astounding – we almost outnumber skiers. Just in terms of revenue, whoever is making the decision to not allow boarders is seriously missing a huge money-making opportunity. Plus many skiers are making the transition to boarding, therefore many “older” people now board – thus eliminating the idea of snowboarders as young, obnoxious kids.

This resort (that does not allow boarders), and others like it, are making a sweeping statement by disallowing boarding. Granted, there are the riders who don’t pay attention to the rules, but they are not limited to boarders. Obnoxious people are on anything from ski blades (now /those/should be outlawed) to skis to telemarks.

Just because I happen to prefer to carve down a mountain on a board shouldn’t prevent me from being able to ride at certain mountains. It’s a horrible discrimination. And such discrimination is often made by pretentious, east-coast resorts who have no idea what a snowy mountain is *really* like. I’ll take my Nitro BlackWidow and ride Blackcomb / Whistler (for $99 bucks a day) any day.

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