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Great Expectations

Seems everyone is talking about expectations lately. New buzzword for 2012?

There is something to be said about our expectations in this age of super-technology. Stuck without a clue where to fill up on gas? Just fire up your handy Yelp app and locate nearby gas stations. Or the instant translation app Word Lens, offering real-time translation. Not to mention the plethora of content at our fingertips through Wikipedia and Google. It is no wonder with all at our disposal that our expectations are a little high.

I think Louis C.K. says it best, “everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy.” And why is that? I think its because our life expectations have been raised and with higher expectations, higher the chance of disappointment.

Seth Godin is talking about expectations. In his blog entry, You will be disappointed he says sooner or later something (or someone) won’t meet your expectations.

Expectations keep rising, and promises keep being made. We keep bringing more magic into the world, but rising expectations mean that there’s more disappointment as well.

The point is that our expectations will not always be met. The alternative, as Seth points out, is what? Retreat and hide and not take any chances? It’s an easy choice.

It is an exciting time to be a marketer. The stakes are high, least we disappoint the masses.

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