Monthly Archives: April 2008

a new take on pizza delivery

Half-way through my run this evening I started noticing how my winter running has paid off. I felt light, fast and strong. The months of running through snow, on ice, and in the dark do have its rewards. As I headed for home, I noticed a large red truck and some commotion. It distracted me enough to change my route and see what was going on.

As I approached I saw people dressed in white chef jackets and red neckerchiefs giving away free pizza! They were a little surprised when I actually tucked the pizza box they gave me under my arm and ran for home. I definitely got some curious looks from people along the way.

Thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign (Delissio Ultimate Delivery), I had a tasty, hot dinner in 20 minutes. Just what I needed after my run.

a man’s world

When I stated I would vote for Senator Hillary Clinton for US president because she is a woman, my boyfriend asked if that was considered sexist. He supposed if a man were to make such a claim that he could be viewed as such.

I was quick to point out that unfortunately, most of the world’s population believes that men and women are not equal. A female leader can empower women around the world. Yet there have been so few. Take Britain’s Margaret Thatcher; or Benazir Bhutto, a hero in her own right; or the famous Indira Gandhi.

Also, men and women come from very different histories, and therefore have different perspectives on life. Women are intuitive, with a warm heart and a strong will. All the qualities of a great leader.

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