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Why I need to wean myself off iPhone

Without further ado, here is why my iPhone and I must part ways… at least for a little while.

I am unable to text on any other mobile device. I’ve never texted more efficiently or quicker than when I’ve texted on the iPhone. I’m using brackets, semi-colons, even currency symbols! It’s just too easy to text a fast and grammatically perfect message. Why would I want to go back to those hard buttons on the regular mobile phones, where there are two or three characters per button, in addition to the letters? ┬áNot to mention the chat-style layout of the iPhone text app. It’s unlike any other texting you’ve ever done. Period. And therefore, I’m addicted to texting on the iPhone.

Another reason, the cute little icons and touch screen. I’m slowly becoming the type of person I feel intense pity for. You’ve seen them, the ones whose face is lit by the bluish light of the cell phone screen; or the guy crouched over his phone at the dinner table. What does this have to do with the iPhone? The iPhone, with its cute little icons and friendly interface make it all too easy to glue oneself to the screen. It has become habitual. Stopped at a red light? Check my iPhone. Waiting in line? Check the phone. Commercial on TV? You guessed it…

Clearly this is not a problem with Apple’s product. In fact, Apple has done quite well. A well designed cell phone that makes users not only love their phone, but (more importantly) never want to use any other. Well done Apple, kudos to you! But what’s good for the iPhone, is bad for me. Particularly in my quest to disconnect from the digital world.

A recent realization of the total number of hours I am “plugged in” was an astonishing one. Granted most of us acknowledge, and accept the internet and all its ways of allowing us constant connection. What happened to the old fashioned way, where thoughts were put on paper, or (gasp!) shared in a face-to-face conversation!

While currently in the bowels of my search for “what’s next”, I know what won’t be coming with me when I come out the other end. My cell phone.

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