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Six Feet Under

Oh how I miss the Fisher family.

The HBO drama Six Feet Under hosts a brilliant cast (including Michael C. Hall and Peter Krause) who tell the story of the Fisher family who run a funeral home in LA, California. Having won multiple awards (9 Emmy’s!) this series blends realistic characters who live unforgettable and intriguing lives (take for example the role of BrendaRuth, or Claire).

Each episode has an unwavering plot on the topic of death. A rather dark series, it explores the after-death on many levels; each funny, sad and strange. It’s black comedy at its finest.

Having watched all five seasons I genuinely miss tuning-in to the eccentric and highly addictive macabre Fishers.

My Crush on David Grohl

It all started with Nirvana and my love for drummers.

I have always been drawn to drummers. The elusive and crazed member of the band (think Animal from The Muppet Show) and always incredibly hot. The drums are a difficult instrument to master and require coordination and focus. Drummers themselves have a mystical quality about them, always sitting in the back in the shadows of the band.

And then, enter one of the most influential rock bands of the 90’s. Dave Grohl, the longest-running drummer for Nirvana, captured me with his grungy style, and his mind-blowing talent for all things musical. A genius at the drums, Grohl can also shed the guitar and proved his mettle as lead singer (…ahem, Foo Fighters. Everlong, acoustic version, melts my heart).

Every girl needs her rock star hero. I’ll take this skinny, tattooed, greasy, musical prodigy any day!

Keeping Face in Wintertime

While the snowflakes fall and our world turns white, I’ve pondered the importance of keeping a happy face during the winter months. It’s amazing (and unfortunate) that our social skills shrink to zero in the blistery winter months.

In the summertime, passing a fellow pedestrian often results in a smile – sometimes a nod, and even an occasional pleasantry is exchanged. Not so in the wintertime.  While the outside world screams “Hibernate!” “Hibernate!”, I find it much more rewarding to embrace our wintertime.

Bundle up (dressing warm is key to wintertime happiness) and take notice of the beauty of the billowing snow. Wintertime has a way of teaching us to slow down, if we allow it to. Growing frustrated with the knee-deep snow and plunging temperature is easy. But what if we tried to see the good in it? Like taking the time to dress warmly, and watch the falling snow sparkle?

Enjoying the wintertime is beneficial to our well-being. Spread some winter joy this season, and the return will be well-worth the effort. Plus… the more we enjoy winter, the quicker she passes!

My (Rekindled) Love with Crimped Hair

With my hair at an all-time long length, I am constantly on the look-out for styles and techniques to tame my mane.

When frizzies are at their worst, look no further than your 1980’s hair crimper! As wild and outdated as that sounds, I recently discovered the chic style in crimped hair. It was spawned by none-other than super-fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker.

Pulled off perfectly, SJP (or her stylists, rather) crimp only the underneath, giving body, depth and texture. Me likey!

I know what I’ll be asking for for Christmas this year!

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