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my pet of all peeves

I’m not someone who gets ticked off very easily, or so I think anyway. So when I do get a little hot under the collar it’s for what I feel has good reason, such as… when people crowd around the luggage carrousel at the baggage claim. I’ve had the fortune to travel a fair amount over the last couple months, and nothing amazes me more than grown adults who huddle around the baggage carrousel like savages.

Personally, I keep a respectable distance from the carrousel so people behind me can access their bags. And without fail, every time, people take this open space in front of me to crowd around the coming bags.
So until airports implement some sort of crowd control at the baggage carrousel, I’ll continue to be taken aback by this seemingly rude, yet widely acceptable, behaviour.

a facebook rant

I was bored one morning waiting for my overly tired boyfriend to get out of bed. So I went through the contact list of my old old email account in the hopes of recalling some names to look-up on Facebook (yes, this is how bored I was). My old email account was one I used while I travelled Asia and lived in London, so it had names of long long lost friends and acquaintances with whom I had experienced life-changing and very cool stuff with.
The awesome thing about this list is that everyone I had known was scattered across the globe; Denmark, South Africa, England, France, US, Sweden… and I hadn’t heard of them in years.

Much to my utter surprise and amusement, a search on facebook turned up most of these people….now I know this is the premise of facebook and everyone experiences this when they first create a profile and add friends and blah blah blah.
And granted I too had experienced this, with high school and university pals, but facebook has grown and has started to reach other parts of the universe. And this is what makes it truely cool. So before I post my “facebook sucks” rant, I’ll say it’s alright …I guess.

my bucket list

I had never heard of the term “bucket list” before, until I heard it twice this week. So I think that is a sign that I should write my own bucket list.

#1. Run a marathon
#2. Visit Italy
#3. Meditate at an ashram in India
#4. Skydive
#5. Dance a little jig around a campfire
#6. ______________
#7. Quit a crappy job on the spot
#8. Start a business
#9. Learn to play golf (the real kind, not Nintendo Wii)
#10. Kick the bucket

a bloggers first confession

As a newborn I had a baby blanket. Polka dotted with satin trim.
As a toddler I refused, much to my mother’s dismay, to release the blanket for any amount of time; this included when the blanket needed to be washed. So, much to my mother’s credit, she creatively cut the blanket in two and washed one while I fixated on the other. Not to be outsmarted, one day I found both blankets and proceeded to carry around the two halves. In no time, I lost one half and was left to savour only its twin.

The years past, the dots faded and blankie remained in my life. I remember Show n’ Tell in grade 6 when I proudly displayed a weathered blankie in front of my critical classmates. To me, blankie was every bit as preserved as I ever remembered. Then came the University days, wherein blankie went into hiding. As shamed as I am to say, blankie even travelled Asia with me during my backpacking days.

Now, you may be asking yourself why I am choosing to share this information. It is because there are others out there like me. Lots of them! Once I find out they too have a ________ (insert childhood toy of choice) we are instantly part of an exclusive club. We understand one other and begin to exchange stories that sound all to familiar.

So this is a testament to everyone who still has something that other people say they should have long gotten rid of. I salute you. Hang on to those mementos, the security it brings and the comfort it provides. We are lucky to have them.

long lost talent

When I was in grade 11 (that was 15 years ago) I was a Super Mario Bros 3 Master. I played non-stop much to the delight of my younger sister. She would sit and watch me play for hours upon endless hours. Needless to say I was pretty good. If my memory serves me correctly, I was very good. I would zip through levels, running (full-tilt) knowing exactly when to jump, crouch and where the precious hidden treasures could be found.

Admittedly, it was entertaining to watch. I saved the princess more than once. If it sounds as if I am bragging, I am. I am not one of those people who has a natural talent. I can’t sing, I dropped out of every instrument lesson you can image (piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, did I say piano?). X-nay on the gymnastics, the girl guides, the swimming. I was never really an expert on anything. Until Super Mario Bros 3.

I never thought my talent for video games would amount to anything, until the year 2008. My boyfriend and I bought a Nintendo Wii last year for Christmas. We played, as most new gamers do, non-stop for the first few weeks. A little less in the coming months, and barely at all in the 6 to 8 months after the purchase. But then… the Wii made a come-back. Low-and-behold you could download (for a minimal fee) Super Mario Bros 3! I was back! My fingers took over the controls and I knew precisely when to jump, crouch – granted I do forget where the hidden treasures can be found. But I recognize every level. This is amazing!

So as I played, again, for hours on end, I thought of all those countless hours of practise I could have spent on being a polished piano player or landing the perfect handspring and for the first time I thought… I do have a talent! I am a Master at Super Mario Bros 3. And proud of it. Now there is a skill that takes dedication, hours of commitment and just like riding a bike… something you never forget how to do.
Now… back to World 6.

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