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a man’s world

When I stated I would vote for Senator Hillary Clinton for US president because she is a woman, my boyfriend asked if that was considered sexist. He supposed if a man were to make such a claim that he could be viewed as such.

I was quick to point out that unfortunately, most of the world’s population believes that men and women are not equal. A female leader can empower women around the world. Yet there have been so few. Take Britain’s Margaret Thatcher; or Benazir Bhutto, a hero in her own right; or the famous Indira Gandhi.

Also, men and women come from very different histories, and therefore have different perspectives on life. Women are intuitive, with a warm heart and a strong will. All the qualities of a great leader.

the last of a dying culture

I am stunned into silence when I hear the news reports on the killings in Tibet.

This was a matter of time, before the Chinese government found another opportunity to beat up its younger brother. When I was in Lhasa I remember feeling an eery kind of silence, as though it were a city waiting for something bad to happen. There was no peace in the faces of the monks, just fear towards the Chinese guards who counted their yuan on the rooftop of the Potala Palace.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe a boycott of the Beijing Olympics will do anything. I do agree with the president of the European Olympic Committee who says the only people who are punished in a boycott are the athletes. I do believe Tibetans are getting massacred, and I hope the spotlight that the Olympic Games shines on the situation help to bring it global awareness.

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