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long lost talent

When I was in grade 11 (that was 15 years ago) I was a Super Mario Bros 3 Master. I played non-stop much to the delight of my younger sister. She would sit and watch me play for hours upon endless hours. Needless to say I was pretty good. If my memory serves me correctly, I was very good. I would zip through levels, running (full-tilt) knowing exactly when to jump, crouch and where the precious hidden treasures could be found.

Admittedly, it was entertaining to watch. I saved the princess more than once. If it sounds as if I am bragging, I am. I am not one of those people who has a natural talent. I can’t sing, I dropped out of every instrument lesson you can image (piano, saxophone, violin, clarinet, did I say piano?). X-nay on the gymnastics, the girl guides, the swimming. I was never really an expert on anything. Until Super Mario Bros 3.

I never thought my talent for video games would amount to anything, until the year 2008. My boyfriend and I bought a Nintendo Wii last year for Christmas. We played, as most new gamers do, non-stop for the first few weeks. A little less in the coming months, and barely at all in the 6 to 8 months after the purchase. But then… the Wii made a come-back. Low-and-behold you could download (for a minimal fee) Super Mario Bros 3! I was back! My fingers took over the controls and I knew precisely when to jump, crouch – granted I do forget where the hidden treasures can be found. But I recognize every level. This is amazing!

So as I played, again, for hours on end, I thought of all those countless hours of practise I could have spent on being a polished piano player or landing the perfect handspring and for the first time I thought… I do have a talent! I am a Master at Super Mario Bros 3. And proud of it. Now there is a skill that takes dedication, hours of commitment and just like riding a bike… something you never forget how to do.
Now… back to World 6.


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