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Pinterest.. the new “it” site?

I recently came across yet another social site that lets you share all the things you love on the world wide web. I finally got on Twitter and am just learning about Tumblr when along comes 

I found out about Pinterest through a friend on Facebook. What drew me to Pinterest is all the pretty pictures. Seriously! Check it out and have a look at all the cool things you can see on one page. Granted, it is a bit girly as there is a lot of fashion, food and home decor.

Pinterest reminds of the wedding blog site StyleMePretty, “for style obsessed brides” (yes, that is the official tag-line). I cherished this web site while I was planning my wedding. All the ideas! The photos! It gave me inspiration and I spent countless hours scrolling through wedding after wedding.

How Pinterest works: Once you sign up (it oddly takes about a week to get “approved” by the Pinterest staff), you install the “Pin It” button which lets you grab an image from the web and add it to any one of your “pinboards”.

Check out my.. See anything you like?

Great Expectations

Seems everyone is talking about expectations lately. New buzzword for 2012?

There is something to be said about our expectations in this age of super-technology. Stuck without a clue where to fill up on gas? Just fire up your handy Yelp app and locate nearby gas stations. Or the instant translation app Word Lens, offering real-time translation. Not to mention the plethora of content at our fingertips through Wikipedia and Google. It is no wonder with all at our disposal that our expectations are a little high.

I think Louis C.K. says it best, “everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy.” And why is that? I think its because our life expectations have been raised and with higher expectations, higher the chance of disappointment.

Seth Godin is talking about expectations. In his blog entry, You will be disappointed he says sooner or later something (or someone) won’t meet your expectations.

Expectations keep rising, and promises keep being made. We keep bringing more magic into the world, but rising expectations mean that there’s more disappointment as well.

The point is that our expectations will not always be met. The alternative, as Seth points out, is what? Retreat and hide and not take any chances? It’s an easy choice.

It is an exciting time to be a marketer. The stakes are high, least we disappoint the masses.

Why I need to wean myself off iPhone

Without further ado, here is why my iPhone and I must part ways… at least for a little while.

I am unable to text on any other mobile device. I’ve never texted more efficiently or quicker than when I’ve texted on the iPhone. I’m using brackets, semi-colons, even currency symbols! It’s just too easy to text a fast and grammatically perfect message. Why would I want to go back to those hard buttons on the regular mobile phones, where there are two or three characters per button, in addition to the letters?  Not to mention the chat-style layout of the iPhone text app. It’s unlike any other texting you’ve ever done. Period. And therefore, I’m addicted to texting on the iPhone.

Another reason, the cute little icons and touch screen. I’m slowly becoming the type of person I feel intense pity for. You’ve seen them, the ones whose face is lit by the bluish light of the cell phone screen; or the guy crouched over his phone at the dinner table. What does this have to do with the iPhone? The iPhone, with its cute little icons and friendly interface make it all too easy to glue oneself to the screen. It has become habitual. Stopped at a red light? Check my iPhone. Waiting in line? Check the phone. Commercial on TV? You guessed it…

Clearly this is not a problem with Apple’s product. In fact, Apple has done quite well. A well designed cell phone that makes users not only love their phone, but (more importantly) never want to use any other. Well done Apple, kudos to you! But what’s good for the iPhone, is bad for me. Particularly in my quest to disconnect from the digital world.

A recent realization of the total number of hours I am “plugged in” was an astonishing one. Granted most of us acknowledge, and accept the internet and all its ways of allowing us constant connection. What happened to the old fashioned way, where thoughts were put on paper, or (gasp!) shared in a face-to-face conversation!

While currently in the bowels of my search for “what’s next”, I know what won’t be coming with me when I come out the other end. My cell phone.

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