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Pinterest.. the new “it” site?

I recently came across yet another social site that lets you share all the things you love on the world wide web. I finally got on Twitter and am just learning about Tumblr when along comes 

I found out about Pinterest through a friend on Facebook. What drew me to Pinterest is all the pretty pictures. Seriously! Check it out and have a look at all the cool things you can see on one page. Granted, it is a bit girly as there is a lot of fashion, food and home decor.

Pinterest reminds of the wedding blog site StyleMePretty, “for style obsessed brides” (yes, that is the official tag-line). I cherished this web site while I was planning my wedding. All the ideas! The photos! It gave me inspiration and I spent countless hours scrolling through wedding after wedding.

How Pinterest works: Once you sign up (it oddly takes about a week to get “approved” by the Pinterest staff), you install the “Pin It” button which lets you grab an image from the web and add it to any one of your “pinboards”.

Check out my.. See anything you like?


a facebook rant

I was bored one morning waiting for my overly tired boyfriend to get out of bed. So I went through the contact list of my old old email account in the hopes of recalling some names to look-up on Facebook (yes, this is how bored I was). My old email account was one I used while I travelled Asia and lived in London, so it had names of long long lost friends and acquaintances with whom I had experienced life-changing and very cool stuff with.
The awesome thing about this list is that everyone I had known was scattered across the globe; Denmark, South Africa, England, France, US, Sweden… and I hadn’t heard of them in years.

Much to my utter surprise and amusement, a search on facebook turned up most of these people….now I know this is the premise of facebook and everyone experiences this when they first create a profile and add friends and blah blah blah.
And granted I too had experienced this, with high school and university pals, but facebook has grown and has started to reach other parts of the universe. And this is what makes it truely cool. So before I post my “facebook sucks” rant, I’ll say it’s alright …I guess.

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