How far do you want to go?

Hip-pity-hop, here I go, further down the rabbit hole.

My time lately has been spent thinking about life and what it all means. Some rather heavy and existential stuff. However, in my quest to figure it all out I have come to another – and perhaps even larger question… does it matter?

I am not certain of the merits of going down the rabbit hole. To really question our physical universe and our life within it — it’s a deep and spiraling voyage into the unknown, whose purpose can serve to confuse. The advantage, however, of contorting one’s mind to try to grasp the unknown is the chance to experience life from new and different perspectives.

All this contemplating can get pretty complex and begs yet another question: blissful ignorance, or the truth of reality? Of course we’re not living in the matrix (are we?) and there is no artificial reality (is there?). But I will agree that we can simulate our own reality. So, then, is our world really our reality or only a great illusion?


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