What I Wish I’d Known…

before I left to travel :

  • Don’t bring books you don’t want to part with. In other words, books that belong to other people or have personal sentimental value. Otherwise, you’re stuck lugging them around.

  • Bring the camera. Everywhere. You never know when you’re going to find an indescribable beach, or have that wacky adventure you wish you could capture.

  • No need for so many contact lenses. South east Asian countries are not the most eye-contact friendly countries in the world. Plenty of dust to get in the eyes. I was far better off with fuzzy vision than dirt in my eyes.

  • Don’t worry about a thing. We as humans (the majority of us at least), have an uncanny knack for surviving most situations. Our inert ability to survive and make the best out of any given situation allows us to adapt and accept our surroundings. So no sense in worrying about much.

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