my love affair with the food network

I don’t watch much TV. It’s not the first thing I turn on when I get home, nor the last thing I see before nodding off to sleep at night.

But I will turn on the tube for the food network.

My favorite shows have evolved over time. Certainly, Restaurant Makeover was at the top for a while. Another watch-worthy show is Unwrapped; which takes you through an interesting history of various food items such as pizza, Shreddies cereal, gum, etc…

My favorite host is probably Ina Garten. Perhaps it’s her continually sunny disposition, she exudes happiness and a true love for food and entertaining. Also a favorite is Jamie Oliver. I was apprehensive about him at first because I thought, a British chef? But he’s got a raw edge with the Jamie at Home series; wherein he goes into his garden, pulls fresh produce from the ground and makes quite hardy and simple dishes.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the food network is its infectious nature, how watching and hearing can inspire anyone to cook. The simplicity of it, and the joy derived from it… I’m certainly enjoying the results!

5 responses to “my love affair with the food network

  • Jane Murphy

    *Where* has Ina gone on Saturday mornings? First of all, she is scheduled at 7am Pacific on Sunday, when people are either at church *or* not even up and now this!

  • Andrea

    “Ina Garten”? That’s just mean. Her parents were just like “Hey, our last name is a place, so let’s name her ‘Ina’, even though it’s no a name at all! Wouldn’t that be hilarious?”

    This goes up there with our old kindergarten teacher, Rose Budd. There was a Michael Hunt who chose to go by Mike in my high school.

  • aandjblog

    Hey I saw that Jamie has a new book out. Check it out at Costco. I think it’s a cooking book.

  • Zacc From Montreal Canada

    Totally understand the fixation w/ the food network. I was glued to it religiously, but now I will watch or tape Chef at Home w/ Michael Smith and som Quebec flavor Ricardo and friends. The problem I had was and is I always cook somethig up or getting hungary.

    Good blog

  • mojomom

    Take Home Chef… LOVE his recipes and he is just so easy to watch. And the aussie accent… welll, u know how that goes.

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