a look at our history

I saw recently a very interesting film entitled The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey.

Although at times tugging at my patience with technical details – I’m not a scientist after all – it well explained the point.

The San people, with their estranged existence to us, are the very origins of mankind. These Southern Africa bushmen speak the ancient San language, a language whose sounds are unique the world around. How incredible is that?

What amazed me the most where the Siberian nomads, the Chukchi. Their entire existence depended on a healthy herd of reindeer. Once the reindeer depleted the supply of lichen from an area, the Chukchi would pack their tents and “nomadize” – in temperatures dipping to minus 100-degrees C.

Beyond explaining the genetics of where we all come from, The Journey of Man beautifully reveals the extraordinary existence of early humankind. The film is a peek into the distance past and lifts the curtain on a window to a different place in time.

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