an observation on american media

I was reading an on-line article the other day. It discussed Mitt Romney’s drop from the presidential campaign. This interested me because if the Republicans are elected I’m curious to know which monster they will select. They all look and sound the same to me, spewing the same scripted rhetoric.

Scanning the article, I was about to move on when it grabbed me by the way it spoke of Romney. “He has the kind of telegenic good looks that create the faint impression that he might have been chiselled from a solid block of make-up. ” Seems to me like an unlikely way to describe a potential US presidential candidate – at least by American standards. So I read on. When describing him campaigning, the article says “he seemed awkward and stilted, and on stage he always felt a little wooden, and lacking in conviction. ” Again, I was a little stricken by, well, a truthful description.

It’s unlikely to hear an American report in that nature. Most high-profile US news sources are so far-bent to the right that it’s difficult to get an objective perspective. I was surprised to be reading this media, until I looked a little closer at the web site. It was in fact BBC. I was reminded why I set my IE browser to A refreshing change from the usual perspective.


One response to “an observation on american media

  • living dead girl

    Don’t you love how they focus on looks and body language in their descriptions? I especially enjoy how they always make mention of how a female politician is dressed for a press conference or something. As if it matters at all.

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