a run through the park

Here is why I love to run.

I left my house wondering if this was indeed a good idea, it was slippery out. As I made my way and found my stride I came across unruly drivers, all trying to beat the rush hour traffic. Stop signs are exceptionally dangerous, but I carried on. When I made it to my target, the park, I was welcomed by the sound of a frozen puck slapping the sideboards. I looked up and saw a perfectly lit outdoor rink, equipped with boys skating with hockey sticks. Truly a Canadian sight. It felt great. So I carried on my run, having felt that seeing this sight was why I pushed myself to run to the park.

The leg home was tough. Uphill and not as scenic as the park. As I ran towards home I couldn’t wait for the run to end. Just then, I look up and see a fellow runner. My heart sang, I was not alone. Someone else was out here, braving the cold, the elements, to run. I felt a kinship and ran the next couple blocks with her in site. When I felt my confidence grow I started for the last few blocks home.

As I rounded out my run in front of my house I felt accomplished, exercised and happy for the sights I’d seen.

It’s amazing what you can see when you don’t set out to look for it.


One response to “a run through the park

  • aandjblog

    sounds like a Nike commercial. Good for you that you braved the weather and ran. Not alot of people can say that they are willing to do that.

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