my pet of all peeves

I’m not someone who gets ticked off very easily, or so I think anyway. So when I do get a little hot under the collar it’s for what I feel has good reason, such as… when people crowd around the luggage carrousel at the baggage claim. I’ve had the fortune to travel a fair amount over the last couple months, and nothing amazes me more than grown adults who huddle around the baggage carrousel like savages.

Personally, I keep a respectable distance from the carrousel so people behind me can access their bags. And without fail, every time, people take this open space in front of me to crowd around the coming bags.
So until airports implement some sort of crowd control at the baggage carrousel, I’ll continue to be taken aback by this seemingly rude, yet widely acceptable, behaviour.


2 responses to “my pet of all peeves

  • Angry traveller

    You know what I’d like to do to the people who crowd around? Push them onto the carousel and beat them over the head with their bags and shout “where’s your bag now? Yeah. I see it. Do you need any help with that? You’re welcome.”

  • living dead girl

    It’s an etiquette thing; you can’t enforce etiquette. I also get very annoyed when the bus pulls up and people crowd the front door so you can’t get *off* the bus. They’ll actually try to go around you rather than wait for you to get off! It drives me nuts.

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